The New Nutrition Bible


Author: Patrick Holford

Publisher: Crossing Press; Rev Upd edition (August 1, 2005)

Paperback: 592 pages

ISBN: 1580911676 ~ 978-1580911672



Patrick Holford is one of Britains leading nutrition experts and the author of more that 20 health books.

Since it was first published in 1997, and revised and updated several times, THE OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE has revolutionised health by showing more than half a million readers how to achieve a profound sense of well-being by devising the best possible intake of nutrients for their unique biochemical makeup.

This is an A-to-Z guide to whole health, written in language that is understandable and inspirational for gentle and easy changes of ideas, discovering what works for you. This approach and its uses can lead to higher levels of energy and better weight distribution. It offers insights into how the body functions and the links between what you think is who you are. It helps you to question how you are treating yourself and how there could be better approaches to whole health.

It works well in conjunction with the energy of the body and explains how and where that alternative energy can come from.
It is a book for reference as well as occasional reading. A great way to discover different approaches to the feelings of ‘ill-at-ease-ness’ with yourself, specific health problems and how to heal them with optimum nutrition.
It works with treating you as a person and not a medical condition.
It gives you a way to understand the properties of food and how they work for your body.
How the systems of the body are affected by your thinking and eating.
A must for Healers to support seeing the wholeness of a person and their health.
It is full of simple charts, short chapters, easy words and tips for the future of better health.
Enjoy discovering more about You, Your body and Your mind and then share your knowledge.