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From a very bleak and grey outlook on what my life was to a positive, colourful and happy perspective on what my life can be. Linda was able to completely change my thinking on the struggles I was going through. I came away from my session confident in my abilities to tackle whatever life might throw at me next. I feel like I am best version of myself and I have Linda to thank for that.  Five star service from a five star Lady. Thank you Linda, I am forever grateful. Brittany 2017

Linda was strongly recommended to me by someone she had helped, who had struggled with a challenging relationship and I was doing the same, which was causing me stress and anxiety.From my very first meeting with Linda I felt comfortable enough to share with her things, I’d not talked about to anyone else. She is thoroughly trustworthy and I’d say unshockable.   As I shared my feelings of helplessness, hate, unfairness, all sorts of negative feelings I was having,  Linda led me to understand that I can acquire “tools” to protect myself from anyone, even myself!   Showing me that I can teach my mind to learn new ways of thinking and therefore managing challenging situations rather than going to the old learned thoughts that are not serving me in any positive way.

The thing I love most about Linda is how she opened my eyes to see that I, control my life. Which in itself is a truly happy place to be. I have learn’t, that I choose how I want to feel about a situation, I choose how happy I want to feel at this moment and I choose, to live how I want to live. Feelings are learned behaviors and can be relearned to make them into positives rather than allow the mind to go to the negative if that is the feeling it has learned to respond with.

Linda teaches with warmth, humour and is genuinely interested in helping. By encouraging you to spend a little time everyday with yourself learning about you. She has many many teaching aids in the way of books, readings, utube clips and other teachers so I believe that there is always something to be learned from having spent time with her. Thank you Linda, you have enlightened me and led me to changed my life for the better. Colleen 2017

Linda helped me work through a crazy stage in my life where everything seemed quite uncontrollable. Together we talked, I talked a lot, Linda listened… she does this very well, and through my sessions with Linda I gained a better head space. I learnt that it’s okay to feel over whelmed but remembering to breath and to take some time out for myself is key.   I now value my time and myself a lot more than before, learning to say no sometimes is actually okay. Thank you Linda. Melissa 2017

Since having children I have struggled with my weight and have tried everything. One day walking down the street I saw a sign for Stomach Banding through hypnosis and I thought this would be a good way of reducing my weight so phoned and made an appointment with Linda.I found Linda to be easy to talk to and she made me feel comfortable. All the information was given to me and I made the choice to try this technique.After a couple of sessions, I realised that there were reasons why I was overweight, I didn’t feel comfortable with myself and I always felt that people were judging me. What I saw in the mirror I didn’t like.  Linda helped me to love myself and to put myself first. This was hard at first as I had always looked after others before myself, but I started to look at myself in a different way and when I looked in the mirror again I could see the beautiful me. I enjoyed the sessions as I felt more empowered after each one, I felt stronger and could put my shoulders back, head up and feel confident in myself. I even felt strong enough to put on a swimsuit and go swimming with my grandchildren. This was something I had not done in many years. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and was in a lot of pain, the sessions with Linda taught me how to relax and not get anxious and soon the pain was gone. I feel like a different person. There was also the spiritual side of this as well, I went along to meditation classes and they helped me with relaxation and just gave me calmness which I needed. I feel that Linda has helped me to look at myself in a more positive way and has given me the confidence I need to go forward in life and to be happy. I would recommend Linda to anyone who is struggling with life in one way or another. Thank you, Linda for all your help, I really appreciate it. Janeen 2017

I met Linda a few years ago and have always enjoyed her beautiful energy, she is a truly caring nurturing lady. I decided to have a session with her and found her ways refreshing and uplifting. She is such a lovely compassionate healer. Carmen 2017

Hi Linda

I want to thank you for the amazing talks we shared and the tools you shared with me. This has been a huge part of my transformation and continuing Journey cos it never ends. These days I have more energy and stamina, in particular, I love the protective cloak, I wear it most days. I haven’t  felt depressed in a very long time, and feel more confident and relaxed. Since our last meeting so much has changed my relationship is flourishing. I am able to manifest so fast. I recently moved into my dream home with everything and more than I asked Spirit for, and things keep unfolding and falling into place so beautifully, life is very fluid and abundant. There are always going to be things, but I can hear your voice and my guides and there isn’t the fear. If I feel anxiety sneak up I have a laugh at myself and breathe deeply and do it anyway. If there is a time I can’t, I forgive myself and find another way. Your wisdom and non judgment have helped in ways I cannot explain and thank you is not enough. Kindest regard and Much Love Beautiful lady.               Amanda June 2017

Here are some beautiful words from Lisa Ball Photography – Motueka About how I support your journey to joy. “You have such a calm and gentle way of guiding our own minds along the path we are on and reminding ourselves that life’s for living, not stressing, arguing or sadness. Learning to love ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin is a most immeasurable skill and you are amazing at awakening that. Thank you Linda.

Releasing my morbid phobia. I am a 54 year old male. All my life I have had a mayor phobia it was at the stage of affecting my health and some what my mental state. The hospital would not deal with me.

I started looking for help either by luck or fate I found Linda. After two hypnotherapy sessions my problem was cured (the second one was at my request)my doctor was so impressed he asked for Linda’s name and contact details.

I now have a bright light at the end of the tunnel and for a change its not another train.

Linda thank you for putting the light back in my life.

G October 2016

I have recently been experiencing Life Coaching with Linda Woodgate. I found Linda to be a very gentle natured kind person who would really make you question where you were in life and how you could meet your goals. She also provided meditation and affirmations to help create more positivity in my life while reducing stress. I found some sessions harder than others but overall extremely worthwhile. Linda is a wealth of knowledge and a highly skilled spiritual healer and I am very grateful for the opportunity of spending time with her. She helped to unlock some questions in my life and see things from a different perspective. She comes highly recommended!! Luisa 2016

Professional Presenting  “Linda commands the attention of an audience because she speaks from the heart. She has a unique ability to address deep and complicated topics in a refreshingly simple manner that helps everyone deepen their understanding of themselves. Linda is a warm presence on stage and uses real life examples to back up her knowledge. She will make a great contribution.” Johny 2016

Hello wanted to let you know how amazing I feel today. I feel like a light has gone on, like I can see everything so clearly, my house, kids, myself… Did a massive clearing that spirit asked me too do this morning which was incredible. Today I feel well for the first time in many years. I feel you have saved my life as if I had kept going the way I was I would have become truly sick. No words I can find to tell you how grateful I am to you. Your my angel and I thank you for being you and helping me through the hardest time in my life. Love to you Linda and to you Peter. In gratitude and many blessings. Karen July 2016


“I had the honour of spending time with Linda. You will not find a more compassionate, warm and loving life coach than Linda. Her communication and client management style is exquisite, inspiring and all you will need to make progress toward your life’s ambitions.” Barbara W 2015

Linda has helped me move through a period of significant challenge in my life. There will always be more to achieve, and possibly I may have got to this point without having had Linda coaching me (coaching is entirely the appropriate word) however, I feel that the process would have been a lot longer and almost certainly more painful.  Also, there was a real possibility that I would have ended up needing some chemical “balance” via a doctors prescription. Linda’s loving, gentle coaching and guidance has given me some tools and new awareness that I have been able to incorporate into my daily life and help me keep perspective. I will be forever in her debt. A 2016

Thank you Linda for leading and supporting me through your six week course ‘Shape Shifter’. I found you to be warm and open always, and your knowledge and understanding of your program, and health and wellness in general is vast. Every time we came together you were fully present and created a safe place for us to be together. I also found your openness easy to engage with.

What I loved about our time together each week was the way your beautiful heart was always fully open and present also, and so I felt really looked after.

Love and Gratitude to you, Janine

Hey Linda, I wanted to say Thank you. My session with you was an unique and amazing experience that changed and started a lot in me.. I was meant to meet you when I met you and I am so glad I did. You have a very special gift and I am glad you decided to share it with the people around you. I would love to come see you again when I am up your ways again but that will be a while as I am saving and working lots at moment to go home to germany in august for a couple month..I am doing very well at the moment and I feel like I keep growing every day and you are a big part of that. I love doing the healing you did with me and imagine the energy going through my body and feeling the bubble around me… awesome. Well, I hope you are doing well and are happy. Lots of love from the west coast. Judith


I’ve had a couple of sessions with Linda and am thinking this morning what a positive impact they are having on my wellbeing, relationship, stress management, loving me for me and finding balance in my life. So often I’ve looked at other sources to help me, books, online seminars and courses, speakers, presentations here and far which had me wondering if others in this group may have been like myself and don’t realise just how much she has to offer and how amazing she is, that Linda may be just what you need to help you move forward in an area/s in your life, that the support you need could be right on your doorstep. Thank you Linda! I’m super grateful to have you as part of my wellness team!!! Yay! 😃🎉 M. May 2016

“I visited Linda wanting to achieve one premeditated goal, I felt all she would do is guide me in the right direction. By our last session,I had achieved so much more than this one superficial achievement.

Linda extracted my life desires in a comfortable, consultative manner, she created a warm and inviting environment to express myself.

Linda told me everything I could do in life but have always been to afraid to believe! Bringing these goals and affirmations to the surface empowered me to develop my goals around my intrinsic/natural strengths. These natural strengths have supported me in several aspects of life.

Linda’s strength is the ability to ask then listen, provide guidance for you to identify your vision, and the tools to put it into action. Life coaching is one thing; Linda has the unique ability to take this to the next level with Life EMPOWERING. Thank you Linda for teaching me about my strengths and giving me the confidence to back myself!” DM May 2016

I have recently completed a life coaching course with Linda Woodgate and could not recommend it or her highly enough!

Linda has a very soft and gentle approach to her work but at the same time knows exactly what to say and how to guide you. She asks all the right questions and brings you to a whole new understanding of yourself that really is exceptional!!  I couldn’t wait until each weekly session with her to see what she would help me unlock and learn about myself. Also upon leaving her sessions I always got an affirmation message from her, a break down of our latest session which I loved receiving and always made me smile. The power of affirmations and positive thoughts is amazing and can change you and your habits so quickly!

Linda is a beautiful soul, very approachable and is exceptionally qualified to help you or anyone you may know, improve themselves, their relationships and their lives. Even if you just need a little help with a difficult situation, I would contact her.

Thank you Linda, for all that you did for me and for becoming a beautiful friend from now on. Lisa. May 2016

“Thumbs up to Linda Woodgate for the most amazing session at her hypnotherapy/ healing clinic on high street today. I highly recommend seeing Linda for issues of any kind. Magic! I feel amazing. Thank you.” K

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  • January 7, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    I think the main thing to point out about Linda is she is one of the most kindest caring, compassionate person I have ever worked with. She never pushes you past your limits but also doesn’t let you slip back into old patterns. She will go the extra mile to make sure that you succeed and will stick with you no matter how long it takes. I have worked with Linda for over a year and continually get surprised with her skill knowledge and drive to get you to where you need to be. I would not have made it through some days with out the support of Linda. We have become good friends and I would not have it any other way. If you are stuck in your life or are just not thriving and having an abundant life I would recommend contacting Linda. It is also great that her husband Peter can help on a physical level they are a great team.
    Linda Brownie


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