Testimonial from Carmen 2017

I met Linda a few years ago and have always enjoyed her beautiful energy, she is a truly caring nurturing lady. I decided to have a session with her and found her ways refreshing and uplifting. She is such a lovely compassionate healer.

Spiritual Healing Worldwide Training  Programme

The Training Courses, in 4 parts, enables the student to explore and understand the principles and practice of Healing. It also serves to support the personal spiritual growth of the individual, who is developing as a channel for Healing energies. The course provides ample opportunity to ask questions with practical workshop experience and support under the guidance of our professional Healer tutor.

This training course is hands-on, practical and experiential, including group discussion and role play. It is informative and is designed to help you gain and fine-tune your knowledge and experience in healing to a professional standard. The course is structured in unit standards in line with NZ Government registration requirements.

Combined Parts 1 and 2 cover the following subjects:

What is Spiritual Healing? The History of Healing. The Human Energy Centres – The Chakras. The Human Energy Field – The Aura. Preparing for Healing. Grounding, Spiritual Attunement. Distant Healing, The Act of Healing,The Role of the Creative Mind,Breathing, Relaxation, Visualisation, Meditation, The NFSH Act of Healing, The Professional Healing Environment, Practical Preparations for Healing, Opening and Closing a Healing Session, Administration and Record Keeping, The Code of Conduct, Risk Assessment and Health and Safety, The Healer – Roles and Responsibilities, Being a Student with the NFSH (NZ) – Recording your Personal Development as a Healer, Couch Healing and more.

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Investment in yourself: $775. Includes 1 year’s Associate Healer Membership of the NFSH (NZ), course notes, and morning and afternoon tea/snacks. Please bring your own lunch.

Email me to register your interest: lindawoodgate@live.com
Registration form  to download here: Spiritual Healing Course