This Spiritual Expansion Series, of 5 Webinars, is about the Invisible World around us and in us.

    • The festive season is where pressures are at their highest, for some people, with family commitments and ties.
    • During these sessions I look forward to sharing with you ways to help the season stay Jolly and Festive for all the right reasons for you.

2 of 5 is a talk on Energy Centres and how they effect our reactions and our lives. Plus A short visualisation to bring your body into balance.

 3 of 5  is about the energy around our body and how it is affected by our moods and feelings and thoughts and how it responds to other peoples energy

4 of 5 is about Belief Systems and Celebrations created around them.

5 of 5 is about Celebrating Celebrations your way. Ideas and thoughts on how to live, laugh and love your moments. Lots of ideas to take to the festivities.