Motueka Meditation Evening
Tuesdays 6.30 to 8.0pm

155 High Street, Motueka

An Evening of practical interactive learning of ways to quieten the mind from varying disciplines and practices. 
An Evening for your expansion in learning different ways to look at the world and BE in it. 
An Evening of quietening the mind chatter and self empowerment to be the Authentic You

Each week there will be different people running the evening
to vary the learning/sharing experience. $15
Bring your own cushion/blanket/water


Dates for your Diary of Workshops in June – in Auckland

Friday 30th Indian Head Massage
Refresher Workshop 

Saturday 1st July  Indian Head Massage Foundation Workshop 

Sunday 2nd July  
Presenting The Authentic You


Discover Your Vision, taken from your words, then turned into a 
Statement of Clarity, Direction & Inspiration for your future.

Linda’s words: “Whatever your personal version of stress is- be it anxiety, doubt, anger, frustration, overwhelming odds stacked against you, lack of confidence, those thoughts of I am not worthy – in fact all forms of emotions and feelings- I will show you how to experience all of them more positively, and how to work with them instantly, to bring about change easily and effortlessly for yourself. You will love the ease at which you can Move That Mood.”

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