I am the creator and presenter of the series “Success of the Authentic You.”

I show people from all walks of life, how to “Move That Mood.”

Whatever your personal version of stress is- be it anxiety, doubt, anger, frustration, overwhelming odds stacked against you, lack of confidence, those thoughts of I am not worthy – in fact, all forms of emotions and feelings- I will show you how to experience all of them more positively, and how to work with them instantly, to bring about change easily and effortlessly for yourself.
You will love the ease at which you can Move That Mood.
Over the series, with links below, I will help you build a tool box that contains the A to Z of Success of Authentic You.
As you join me your tool box will quickly be filled with stress buster techniques that are simple and easy to use anytime, anywhere, anyplace so that YOU can ‘Move That Mood’.
The tools I will share with you include different ways of looking at stress and will help you to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually clear old ways of thinking that no longer serve you.

Let me support your journey to…Live, Laugh and Love your Moments!

Here are all the links to all of my programmes,
to date, to be able to watch at your leisure.
I would truly love your feedback, thank you. lindawoodgate@live.com
As a gift, I will send you a relaxation audio.

Episode 1 Anxiety
Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay/
Feather relaxation link:http://youtu.be/BpfO7mOK7FI
Episode 2 Anger and Annoyance
Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-2/ 

CD available of 3 visualisations
Episode 3 Breathing and the Body
CD available. 6 very short breathing exercises with the sea as the rhythm
Episode 4 Choice and Change
Episode 5 Courage, Crushed and Caring
Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-5/
Episode 6 Decisions, Distractions, Discouraged
Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-6/

Episode 7 Emptiness, Emotion and Expectation
Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-7/
Episode 8 Fear, Frustration, Failure  Link:http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-8

Episode 9 Grumpy, Gift & Grateful 

Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-9/

Episode 10 Hateful, Hopeful, Heartfilled

Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-10/

Episode 11 Intuition, Instinct, Interpretation

Link: http://authenticyou.tv/linda-woodgate-replay-12/

A Collection of 10 short ‘Stress Busters’ to use anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
Stress Busters –


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