A Global Educator

Teaching Professional Presenting

Learn over several hours or days skills to present your public image clearly, confidently and concisely to be an effective and understood communicator

Discover the Authentic You and deliver amazing talks, speeches and lectures with passion and enthusiasm that creates you as the expert in your field.

Feel alive, adrenaline pumping with an animated personality and share your creativity with your audience whether it be 5 or 500.

Know you have the confidence and the knowledge and know how to accomplish your goals of sharing, educating and involving each and every person you encounter.


This series of workshops is about teaching You presentation skills and growing your confidence so that you can share your knowledge easily and comfortably, with a smile of confidence whilst sharing your true personality, which is so important in todays social media.

Your Audience expect you to be authentic acting with integrity and honesty.

The secret of a good presentation is knowing how to use your own personal qualities rather than mirroring someone else.

Each of you are the worlds expert on Your life experiences.

The 5’w’s-Why, Who, When, Where, What,are covered during the workshop or one to ones

BE  Precise, Present, Purposeful & Passionate

CREATE  Impact, Inform, Influence & Inspire.

HAVE  Confidence, Courage, Caring & Control

FEEL  Fun, Freedom, Fortunate & Fabulous

BREATHE  Easily, Expressively & Emotionally

The Pre-Preparation Process

How you look – Clothes, Stance & Comfortability

Loosen up- Voice, Body and Breathing

Integrate – Stories, Facts & Humour

The Presentation Process

Remember – Eye contact

Allow – for Voice fluctuations

Be –  Conscious of Position in the Room

Explore – Facial Expressions

Be – Aware of Hand Gestures

I bring a wealth of life experiences in corporate, media, and the forces have shaped me into a gifted communicator with the ability to share and teach others in a relaxed, informal way.

I Support people to find clarity, confidence, creativity and excitement in presenting their passion to anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

I am passionate about helping others to realise the changes they seek and to make it happen with ease and relative speed. Constantly in touch with people from all walks of life, I recognise the need for tools that people can integrate into their daily lives. My deep and compassionate understanding of others is reflected in my favourite expression “Live, Laugh and Love your Moments!”


“Linda commands the attention of an audience because she speaks from the heart. She has a unique ability to address deep and complicated topics in a refreshingly simple manner that helps everyone deepen their understanding of themselves. Linda is a warm presence on stage and uses real life examples to back up her knowledge. She will make a great contribution.” J O’D