Peter and I have known each other over 30 years and still we laugh every day and love the support we share for each other, including the passion we have, to truly support others on their journey in whichever way is appropriate for them to live their life to their optimum being


Live, Laugh and love your Moments!
A wealth of life experiences in the forces, corporate, media and now with twenty years experience in Natural Health, I bring valuable communication and teaching skills to the world of wholistic health of mind, body and spirit.
As an experienced Every Day Living Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher, Indian Head Massage practitioner and teacher, and several other modalities, I have observed the level of stress prevalent today, so by meshing components of several modalities I have responded to this with a programme specifically aimed at reducing stress and ‘moving moods’ in very easy, fast and fun ways.
I am able to offer very comprehensive information to support emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being.
I am passionate about helping others to realise the changes they seek and to make it happen with ease and relative speed.

Constantly in touch with people from all walks of life, I recognise the need for tools that people can integrate into their daily lives.

My deep and compassionate understanding of others is reflected

in my favourite expression

“Live, Laugh and Love your Moments!”