Life’s Golden Ticket


Author: Brendon Burchard

Publisher: HarperOne (May 3, 2016)

Paperback: 224 pages

ISBN: 0062456474 ~ 978-0062456472



A story about a second chance.

A beautiful and easy to read story about a man who lost his way and felt that life was ok, just trudging along in a job that was OK, but not great, and a marriage that he thought was OK and happy too. One day his wife up and left to go and discover herself. She was going to take her husband but she felt he wasn’t ready to change. She went, and went missing for forty days. She had a bad accident and as she was laying there, dying he thought, she gave him an envelope and begged him go to the abandoned amusement park. He went. The park magically comes to life and so does his life in a very unexpected way. Called a classic inspirational parable, it has many twists and turns and revelations for him and the reader. Enjoy a light, but deep and meaningful read.