Living and Loving Life in Balance

Life Coaching 

Certificate of Professional Coaching with Wainwright Global, Inc.

Certified Professional Coach with Strategic Learning Alliance

(Applied Learning Certification Institute)

Discover Your Vision.

Using your own words, initiated by my questioning, creates your

Vision Statement of Clarity, Direction & Inspiration for your future.

As a Life Coach, over this six week programme, I will cover the following categories for your Vision Statement. Professional, Financial, Health and Wellness, Spiritual, Emotional & Relationships

As a professional coach my aim is to:-

Clearly understand  your vision, needs and objectives.
Help you to develop the plans to move quickly and easily toward your goals.
Provide support to ensure you are nurtured and motivated to achieve your vision.
Celebrate your victories with you.

I look forward to helping you to:-

Clearly identify and articulate  your goals and desires.
Develop strategies to overcome setbacks.
Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs.
Be accountable to your vision.
Step outside of your comfort zones to achieve your goals.

Successful Coaching is about :-

Asking you the right questions.
Supporting you to decide for yourself, what your goals are and how you can achieve them.
Listening and understanding and helping you to prioritise.
Enabling you to clearly articulate your desires.                                  Helping you to stay ‘on track’ with  your objectives.

Full payment in advance $920.00 NZD

7 week programme $1217.00 NZD

Payment terms available.

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“I visited Linda wanting to achieve one premeditated goal, I felt all she would do is guide me in the right direction. By our last session,I had achieved so much more than this one superficial achievement.

Linda extracted my life desires in a comfortable, consultative manner, she created a warm and inviting environment to express myself.

Linda told me everything I could do in life but have always been to afraid to believe! Bringing these goals and affirmations to the surface empowered me to develop my goals around my intrinsic/natural strengths. These natural strengths have supported me in several aspects of life.

Linda’s strength is the ability to ask then listen, provide guidance for you to identify your vision, and the tools to put it into action. Life coaching is one thing; Linda has the unique ability to take this to the next level with Life EMPOWERING. Thank you Linda for teaching me about my strengths and giving me the confidence to back myself!” DM May 2016

I have recently completed a life coaching course with Linda Woodgate and could not recommend it or her highly enough!

Linda has a very soft and gentle approach to her work but at the same time knows exactly what to say and how to guide you. She asks all the right questions and brings you to a whole new understanding of yourself that really is exceptional!!  I couldn’t wait until each weekly session with her to see what she would help me unlock and learn about myself. Also upon leaving her sessions I always got an affirmation message from her, a break down of our latest session which I loved receiving and always made me smile. The power of affirmations and positive thoughts is amazing and can change you and your habits so quickly!

Linda is a beautiful soul, very approachable and is exceptionally qualified to help you or anyone you may know, improve themselves, their relationships and their lives. Even if you just need a little help with a difficult situation, I would contact her.

Thank you Linda, for all that you did for me and for becoming a beautiful friend from now on. Lisa May 2016

Linda has helped me move through a period of significant challenge in my life. There will always be more to achieve, and possibly I may have got to this point without having had Linda coaching me (coaching is entirely the appropriate word) however, I feel that the process would have been a lot longer and almost certainly more painful.  Also, there was a real possibility that I would have ended up needing some chemical “balance” via a doctors prescription. Linda’s loving, gentle coaching and guidance has given me some tools and new awareness that I have been able to incorporate into my daily life and help me keep perspective. I will be forever in her debt.   A. 2016