I have been a Natural Health Practitioner for over twenty five years, bringing my past experience in the forces, the corporate world and mixed media with me, allowing me to share and teach in a relaxed and informal way.

I have observed and felt the levels of stress increasing everywhere.

At home, work, the office, the gym.

A Little Laughter

We create our own personal version of stress in everything we do.

So by meshing components of several modalities I have responded to this with a programme specifically aimed at reducing stress and ‘moving moods’ in very easy, fast and fun ways.
Contact me to see how I can support you on your journey to health, wealth, joy and happiness.



Skype: Linda Woodgate

Call for a 30 minute FREE introductory

Session 1 x $155, 2 x Sessions $263,

Suggested 3 x sessions $380 (Paid in advance)

Linda Woodgate ­ Listener and Teacher

Remember that one teacher you had at school who you just clicked with immediately? It wasn’t necessarily due to your final grade in that class, nor was it sitting next to the brightest kid in the class who “helped” with the exams. It was because the teach challenged you in your own thoughts, and had this uncanny ability to ask the right questions at the right time. This class was full of “a­ha” moments.

Linda is this teacher for grown ups! She takes the emotions of anxiety, doubt, anger, or frustration and empowers you to “move that mood”. Now, this is more than just “talking about feelings”; Linda wraps this around a life vision statement and affirmations unique to you ­ living this vision teaches you to acknowledge, accept and embrace your emotions.

Live, laugh and love is thrown around a lot these days ­ normally in the form of a meme or fancy block art on the wall. Linda pulls this down from the wall and empowers you to use these three talents to take control of your destiny, and/or redirect your navigation through life. Much more use than some overpriced art.

These talents gives you the emotional foundation for Linda to work with you with any of the following: Emotional Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Ear Candling, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Parts Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Laughter Yoga, Weight Management Programmes, Quit Smoking Hypnosis, Life Coaching, or De­stress practices.

Or all of the above.

Linda gets you ­ her experience in previous military and corporate environments gives her the ability to reach out to everyone, as well as developing the EQ to make the right recommendations on the relevant emotional tools to use. Now this is more than just sitting down in comfy chairs (or lying down in the leather recliner), this is the 21st century right? Uh­uh. Linda teaches these skills via YouTube, Skype and webinar ­ personal one on one sessions from anywhere on earth.

Linda Woodgate gives you the gift that is entirely unique to you, ­ to fall in love again with YOUR life.

This teacher definitely deserves an apple or two from her students.

One thought on “Get in Touch

  • November 8, 2017 at 4:30 am

    Hello Linda, I know 52 years is a half a life time ago…but Maggie Swain, Chris Everall, Pam White, Jenny Hansell, Ann Scholes and myself Lesley Whitehead have just spent the week-end in very fond memories of our time in 1965 at Dauntless and Dryad and beyond…SeaEagle., etc. We took a photograph of our basics course and now, with chair gaps of the missing wrens. Linda, I’ve found you and we would very much like to keep in touch. lesley@rsap.co.uk As you know I was brought up in Brisbane and often visit..NZ is only a hop away! Pam White lives in USA. xx


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