Shifting YOUR Shape for YOU

A weight management programme based on

Gastric Banding with Hypnosis

This is NOT a Diet

This is NOT Food control

This is NOT an exercise regime

This may bring about permanent change in your Physical shape and supporting, your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual self-for YOU

Shifting Shape 7 week Programme

Objectives :-

To bring about permanent change in your Physical, Emotional,

Mental & Spiritual Self.


To feel positive about you for yourself.

To feel confident, comfortable and in control of who, what and where you are.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypno-Surgical procedure creates an imaginary smaller primary stomach pouch that functions similarly to the one that medical surgeons create with a physical Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric band in an operating theatre.

Weekly sessions tailored to your needs and including:-

Handouts, Hypnosis,Consultation, Discussion, Measurement,

De-Stress Tactics, Additional Objectives, Emotional Support, Food Introductions, Breathing Exercises, Mind Motivations,

Nutritional Suggestions, CD’s

and so much more.

Testimonial for Linda Woodgate:

Since having children I have struggled with my weight and have tried everything. One day walking down the street I saw a sign for Stomach Banding through hypnosis and I thought this would be a good way of reducing my weight so phoned and made an appointment with Linda.I found Linda to be easy to talk to and she made me feel comfortable. All the information was given to me and I made the choice to try this technique. After a couple of sessions, I realised that there were reasons why I was overweight, I didn’t feel comfortable with myself and I always felt that people were judging me. What I saw in the mirror I didn’t like. Linda helped me to love myself and to put myself first. This was hard at first as I had always looked after others before myself, but I started to look at myself in a different way and when I looked in the mirror again I could see the beautiful me. I enjoyed the sessions as I felt more empowered after each one, I felt stronger and could put my shoulders back, head up and feel confident in myself. I even felt strong enough to put on a swimsuit and go swimming with my grandchildren. This was something I had not done in many years. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and was in a lot of pain, the sessions with Linda taught me how to relax and not get anxious and soon the pain was gone. I feel like a different person. There was also the spiritual side of this as well, I went along to meditation classes and they helped me with relaxation and just gave me calmness which I needed. I feel that Linda has helped me to look at myself in a more positive way and has given me the confidence I need to go forward in life and to be happy. I would recommend Linda to anyone who is struggling with life in one way or another. Thank you Linda for all your help, I really appreciate it. Janeen 2017

Thank you Linda for leading and supporting me through your six week course ‘Shape Shifter’. I found you to be warm and open always, and your knowledge and understanding of your program, and health and wellness in general is vast. Every time we came together you were fully present and created a safe place for us to be together. I also found your openness easy to engage with.

What I loved about our time together each week was the way your beautiful heart was always fully open and present also, and so I felt really looked after.

Love and Gratitude to you,


Full payment in Advance $920.00 NZD

6 week programme $1217.00 NZD

Payment terms available.


(Group programme available, maximum 6)

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