Author: Robyn M Speed

Publisher: Balboa Press AU (April 26, 2015)

Paperback: 276 pages (also in Kindle format)

ISBN: 1452527180 ~ 978-1452527185



Kelly is launched on a journey that exposes her as a bright light within the universe—not that she believes it! Untapped, untrained, and under the tutelage of the leader of the Fellowship—those responsible for holding the Earth in balance—she must now learn to control abilities she never knew she had, so that she may assist the Fellowship to defeat the darkness which threatens to swallow humankind. She is their greatest hope.

In the final battle, as the Fellowship are being defeated, she must risk everything. If they are to survive, she must achieve perfect self-mastery.

A story of self-discovery, friendship, and—in face of the greatest danger—sacrifice.

A story about the quest for the Holy Chalice–that which is the intrinsic potential within each of us.


A door
Opens before me

I stand and stare

The door was not there
But a moment before

And now
All the world has changed

For when a door appears
We cannot deny its existence

And when it opens
We cannot refuse to walk through
No matter how great our fear

A door appears
Because we are ready to see it

It opens
Because we are ready to walk through


As I read this book I was carried away to beautiful places and spaces, whilst feeling the emotion of the character on her journey of discovery of herself. How the interaction of meeting challenges triggers memories of my own journey. I felt It enlightens you and helps you see your journey in a clearer and easy to understand way. I loved being in this world even though there were times of shear frustration and torment, where you just willed the journey to carry on to get through to the light. A great read and a beautiful present.