The A to Z of the Success of the Authentic You is a series of videos   going through the Alphabet from A to J and discusses words that create an upset-ness in you. I also cover ways to think of it differently and a few exercises to support you to a positive feeling about where you are and who you are.

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Here are the links to all the programmes.

Episode 1 Anxiety

Feather relaxation relaxation link:

Episode 2 Anger and Annoyance
CD available of 3 visualisations

Episode 3 Breathing and the Body

CD. 6 very short breathing exercises with the sea as the rhythm

Episode 4 Choice and Change –

Episode 5 Courage, Crushed and Caring –

Episode 6 Decisions, Distractions, Discouraged

Episode 7 Emptiness, Emotion and Expectation

Episode 8 Fear, Frustration & Failure

Episode 9 Grumpy, Gift & Grateful

Episode 10 Hateful, Hopeful, Heartfilled

Episode 11. 10 Short Stress Busters for Everyday Living

Episode 12 Interpretation, Intuition, Instinct

Episode 13 Judgement, Jealousy and Joy


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