My deep and compassionate understanding of others is reflected in my favourite expression

“Live, Laugh and Love your Moments!”

L i v e L i v e (1) L i v e (3) L i v e (4)

For August I am travelling on the West coast of America.

So if you are in San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Oregon  and would love to catch up, lets connect email: lindawoodgate@live.com

Gastric Banding with Hypnosis


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Life Coaching

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I show people, from all walks of life, how to “Move That Mood.”
Whatever your personal version of stress is- be it anxiety, doubt, anger, frustration, overwhelming odds stacked against you, lack of confidence, those thoughts of ‘I am not worthy’ – in fact all forms of emotions and feelings-
I will show you how to experience all of them more positively, and how to work with them instantly, to bring about change easily and effortlessly for yourself.
You will love the ease at which you can Move That Mood.
I bring skills, learnt over many years, of Emotional Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Ear Candling, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Parts Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Laughter Yoga, Weight Management Programmes, Quit Smoking Hypnosis, Life Coaching, De-stress practices and so much more.